Sponsored Produce Program

Donate 6 weeks of produce to a Kauai family in need! 

Each Box serves 2-3 and includes a Monkeypod Jam Pantry Item. (6 Weeks)

Pick-Up Location: Produce Boxes will be available for pick up each Tuesday on Koloa Road (Lawai End). The exact address will be shared with subscribers. Pick up time is between 3 and 5pm. 

Pick-Up: Tuesdays between 3-5 pm

Produce Provided by Glory Farm: James and Hannah Huang have been farming on Kauai for over 15 years. Pre-pandemic, they would be found showcasing their produce at the KCC Community Farmers Market, Waipa Farmers Market, and the Kapaa Sunshine Market.

Our Subscription Produce Box features produce grown by Kauai's farmers. A bounty of veggies made sweeter with a little fruit. All produce is harvested by hand, washed, sorted, and lovingly placed in our CSA boxes. 

The sun-kissed produce in your CSA Box will change from week to week. Be open-minded and a little adventurous with the produce you find. The crisp salads, rich sauces, complex roasted vegetables and decadent sweet treats you create will delight and nourish your friends and family. 

Need some recipe inspiration? Please visit our Produce Recipe page for an abundance of simple, weekday recipes for the, "what is this?" veggies you may find in your box. MPJ Founder, Aletha, loves Smitten Kitchen and The New York Times Recipe blogs.

Have you made an exceptional dish with your CSA Box? Please share it with us so we may forward it to our Kauai Farmer Loving community!