Sponsor a Produce Box Subscription: October 13th - November 17th

Support your Kauai Ohana by Sponsoring a Produce Subscription. 

We have a growing list of families who can use a bit of extra help during this difficult time. Many of those we are serving are community members who have middle-management positions at resorts that have been closed since June, 2020. It is common for spouses to both work at resorts, often the same resort. We have discovered that in many cases, one has been furloughed or let go and the other is working a shorter work week. Most have children and these families fall into a demographic that is not used to needing assistance from family or the state. They feel others need services more than they do, so their family is now living with less and less, trying to keep rent or mortgages paid. It is a horribly frightening time for them and those who received the weekly produce boxes in the first two rounds were incredibly grateful. Many brought our team little treats including home-made face masks, bananas from their gardens, and fresh baked goods. 

Each Box serves 2-3 and includes a Monkeypod Jam Pantry Item.

3rd Round Session Dates: October 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, 10th, 17th

Our Subscription Produce Box features produce grown by Kauai's farmers. A bounty of veggies made sweeter with a little fruit. All produce is harvested by hand, washed, sorted, and lovingly placed in our CSA boxes. 

The sun-kissed produce in your CSA Box will change from day to day. Be open-minded and a little adventurous with the produce you find. The crisp salads, rich sauces, complex roasted vegetables and decadent sweet treats you create will delight and nourish your friends and family. 

Need some recipe inspiration? MPJ Founder, Aletha loves Smitten Kitchen and The New York Times Recipe blogs. Have you made an exceptional dish with your CSA Box? Please share it with us so we may forward it to our Kauai, Farmer Loving community!