Lilikoi Curd - Pre Order!

2016 was an extremely poor lilikoi year for Kauai. Instead of our normal 10,000 pounds, we were only able to secure 1,000 pounds of our favorite fruit. This is your chance to reserve your stash. Pre-order now and be at the top of the long list of those waiting for its release late-June. All orders will be fulfilled in a first come, first served fashion, so the sooner you place your order, the sooner your box of Kauai sunshine will arrive.

You may add other preserves to your order, but they will not be shipped until your Lilikoi Curd is ready.

We’ve captured the flavors of Kauai in this luxuriously smooth curd. This is the darling of the farmers markets—bursting with juicy lilikoi flavor, floral and sweet with just the faintest pucker at the end. Spread it on crepes or cakes for a taste of the tropics in your day.

Ingredients: Kauai Lilikoi Juice, Eggs, Butter, Sugar

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