Orange Cranberry Sauce Bourbon Cocktail

November 21, 2019

Orange Cranberry Sauce Bourbon Cocktail


This little libation is a perfect way to use the final bit of your MPJ Orange Cranberry Sauce. We only make a small run once each early November. Founder, Aletha loves hearing the pop, pop, pop, of her Oregon cranberries in the Jam Kitchen. We think you will appreciate this drink after all the Thanksgiving dishes are washed and put away. So, prop up your feet, wrap yourself in a cozy quilt, and give a toast to the Holidays. Cheers!


2 tablespoons Monkeypod Jam Orange Cranberry Sauce
1 to 2 Shots Bourbon
Aloha Ginger Beer or club soda
1 Lemon Wedge
    Spoon your MPJ Orange Cranberry Sauce into the bottom of a glass 
    and pour in the bourbon.
    Add ice, then fill the remainder of the glass with Aloha Ginger Beer (or club soda)
    Squeeze a lemon wedge into the drink and stir well. Happy Holidays!
    Recipe Adapted From The Roasted Root

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