Summer 2019 Letter

July 03, 2019

Summer 2019 Letter

Aloha Family and Friends,
Kauai's summer graced us in early April with an August-style heat wave and zero tradewinds. The out-of-character weather brought our little kitchen truckloads of north shore tomatoes ready to be simmered into my favorite, Spiced Tomato Jam. Green Tomatoes followed on their ruby sister’s coattails. Our fresh from Colorado Jam Cook Megan was knee-deep in stock pots filled with Piccalili. By the third week, everyone’s nose was weary of the sweet relish smell wafting through the kitchen, so we started a Salsa Verde experiment. It’s pretty fantastic if we say so ourselves and has made a showing on fish tacos and our new Saturday Brunch Menu.

In May, Chef Joe Fox joined our team. He is filled with talent, creativity, and quick wit. In no time at all, he won over our tight team and regulars, all while completely overhauling the bistro menu. Come in and try his bright Breakfast Wrap or hearty Scones and Country Gravy in the morning. For lunch, you'd be hard pressed to beat his variety of grilled wraps. His new menu is doing so well that we had to add more seating for all our guests. Joe launched a special Saturday Brunch Menu that changes each week. We are loving his Eggs Benedicts, Farmers Market Hash and soon to debut, Cinnamon Rolls. I am finding that I have to work out a bit more each week to offset all the R+D happening in the back kitchen.

On Tuesday, July 9th, Chef Joe will host his first Date Night Dinner at the Jam Shop. This will be a monthly event and sure to fill up quickly. The goal of Date Night is to celebrate Kauai's seasonal agriculture in a relaxed, quiet, atmosphere. This is an 18 and over event, so schedule a sitter and bring a bottle of your favorite wine from the Koloa Wine Shop!

Workshops are coming together, and we look forward to welcoming back some old friends. Chef Clinton, the Executive Chef at Eating House, Poipu will host a Summer Entertaining Workshop on Sunday, July 21st. Chef Lee Anne Wong of Oahu’s Koko Head Café will be flying over to teach a sold-out Pie class on Saturday, July 26th.

Our favorite French Chef, Beatrice will be teaching a Seasonal Flavors, Ice Cream Workshop on Sunday, August 4th. This will be the only workshop held in August because we are just too BUSY! Marissa and I will be heading to Oahu for the Made in Hawaii Festival on the third weekend of the month and our dear Front-of-House Nate, is getting married. Chef Joe will be hosting a Vegan Date Night Dinner on Tuesday, August 20th. We are looking forward to catching a glimpse of the menu and promise to post soon!

September tends to bring much welcomed, cooler days on the mainland, but not on Kauai! It is usually one of our hottest months of the year. We swelter while the guava and lilikoi smile and ripen under the tropical sun. Kimya Sadaghiani Schryver, the founder of Harmonious Roots is returning to the Jam Kitchen to teach us how to make her Persian Dips and Spreads on Sunday, September 15th.  We will be adding at least one more workshop to the month, maybe a preserving class? What would you like to learn? Joe will round out the month with a Date Night on Tuesday, September 17th. This will be his third, so he will have some momentum and the seats will be harder to secure. Keep an eye out for the menu so you don’t miss the fun!

I want to say how thankful I am for each of you. Many have been a part of our jam family since the beginning. You have watched us grow from a farmers market tent at the Community College to a wholesale business allowing me to be a more hands-on mother, to what we now celebrate as a must see Kauai destination. We hope you feel the same love in each of our jars now as you did the first time you tried our preserves at an open-air market. Our team here at MPJ is small and dedicated. We understand that Kauai’s agriculture is a vital part of our island’s sustainability. In each jar, we hope to capture the essence of this special place, reminding you of your precious time spent on Kauai all while supporting our spectacular farmers.
Warmest Aloha,

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